The name of our system is Yin-Chuan School of the Dragon. Yin-Chuan means empty fist in peace and dragon fist in combat. This system is governed by the Maryland Professional Karate Association (MPKA). Under our close supervision you will be taught three distinct, yet combined methods of self-defense. First you will begin to learn Kenpo Karate, the Law Of The Empty Hand. This is a highly skilled Chinese art of fighting based principally on flowing circling patterns, both hard and soft movements. Karate is mainly striking and hitting with the hands and feet. Next you will be taught Ju-Jitsu. This consists of the bending and twisting of the body joints along with the application of pressure points. Finally you will study Judo, which is a system of throws and falls. As you advance in rank you will begin to notice that all three forms are combined together to formulate the Yin-Chuan style. We have adopted the dragon as our symbol. The dragon movements were devised to develop alertness and concentration, with very little outward strength, with emphasis on breathing in the lower abdomen, along with the coordination of mind, body and spirit. An important point to remember is that the body movements are long, flowing and continuous, which suddenly snap out and strike a target like a whip. In this manner you will gain explosive power. Your body must be completely relaxed under pressure when in a combat situation. It is our belief that every student can become very good in this art and that reflexes can be highly developed if each person dedicates his/her self with concentrated study.

        Everyone must be treated equally. One of our goals is to produce the fighting heart. This attitude is one of determination to commit everything to do one’s best to win in spite of any obstacle. I can and will succeed, whatever the cost.

        You will earn your belts by your own abilities and at your own pace. There are no automatic hours involved. You are in competition with no one but yourself. Of course, the more times you attend classes the better skilled you should become.

        It does not matter what branch you attend in our system, such as Recreation Councils, Health Clubs or Community Centers, etc. You are an equal member of our organization. The atmosphere may vary but your training will be the same in each and every one of our schools.

        There is a wide variety of classes and times to choose from, so please check our schedules. The belt ranking is as follows: white, advanced white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green (first instructor’s rank), brown (first, second and third degree), and black (first to the tenth degree).

        Thank you for the interest. May we be able to make your stay a healthful and fulfilling one. Welcome aboard.

Dr. David L. Grosscup PhD
President/Master Instructor
10th DAN
Yin-Chuan Karate
Maryland Professional Karate Association, Inc. (MPKA)

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