1933 - 2007


Dr David D. Rix, 73, Martial Arts Teacher

Dr. David D. Rix, martial arts teacher, died of natural causes Friday, January 5th at his home. He was 73.

    His eyes are closed, his voice is silenced, the Father of Karate in Maryland has passed on, but his teachings will last forever. His students became involved in every martial arts imaginable, from Chin-na, to Kenpo, to Yin Chuan. Many organizations would not exist today if this great man had never lived. He has taught thousands and was known throughout the world by many more. Every where I went people would ask if I knew him. I would often say that I could be performing Kata in the desert of Timbuktu and some camel driver would come by and say, "I see you know martial arts, do you know David Rix?"
    Not only did I know him, but I loved him. I will be forever grateful for giving me the foundation upon which to build our large Yin Chuan/MPKA organization.
    Goodbye my friend, rest in peace. - David L. Grosscup