Equipment Price List

1. Middle Wt Gi -White/Black/Blue/Red $48.99
2. Middle Wt Traditional Top - White/Black/Blue/Red $31.80
3. Middle Wt Contact Elastic Pants - White/Black/Blue/Red $31.80
4. MPKA/Yin Chuan Club T-Shirt - Red or Black 13.65
5. MPKA Custom Patch 10.60
6. Yin Chuan Custom Patch 10.60
7. American Flag Patch 3.18
8. Sparring Gear-See Century Catalog Varies
9. Single Mouth Guard 3.18
10. Mouth Guard Case 4.24
11 Groin Protector Set 12.72
12 Cloth Shin Pads Set 12.72
13 Cloth Shin / Instep Pads Set 16.96
14 Foam Cord Chucks 5.30
15 Foam Chain Chucks 8.48
16 Wood Cord Chucks 8.48
17 Rattan Swivel Chain Chucks 16.96
18 Rattan Bo Staff 31.80
19 Custom MPKA Belt Rack 74.20
20 Custom MPKA Clock 31.74
21 Books on CD's -Written by Dr. Grosscup  - EACH 21.20
a) Basic Concepts - The Red Book  
b) Green Belt Instructor's Manual  
c) Brown Belt Advanced Instructor's Manual  
d) Black Belt - 1st through 5th Degree  
e)  Kicking Kids  
f)  Wisdom  
g)  The Spirit of the Martial Arts  
h)  The Martial Arts Educator  
i)  The Successful Martial Artist  
j)  The Secrets of Yin Chuan  
k)  The Healthy Martial Artist  
l)  The Healing Martial Artist  


For Black Belts Only - The Inner Arts  
NOTE: All special orders of non stock items usually take 5 to 6 working days for delivery. All prices include Maryland State sales tax.

For other items in your Century catalog contact office at main studio or see your personal instructor.  MPKA will pay for all Shipping & Handling.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Note: Prices and information are subject to change and are listed here as an aid for decision making by the potential student.

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