All textbooks, manuals, videos, papers and Web Sites written or produced by the Maryland Professional Karate Association, Inc. (M.P.K.A.)/Yin-Chuan are designed and intended for the exclusive use of M.P.K.A./Yin-Chuan instructors, and students and are not intended for the general public use. All M.P.K.A./Yin-Chuan students are trained under professional instructors, that are in turn, trained and developed through the M.P.K.A./Yin-Chuan system. These instructors/students are taught when to and when not to use self-defense.

                        Each member is immersed in M.P.K.A./Yin-Chuan philosophy and are constantly being taught moral values along with the use and deployment of safety valves. The Maryland Professional Karate Association, Inc./Yin-Chuan, its instructors, sponsors, affiliated associations, officers, owners and students are not responsible for any misuse of any knowledge that may be gained by the readers of this information, or from any textbooks, manuals and papers written by the above organizations or individuals, or from videos produced by same. 

                        Membership, clinics, competition, classes, practice sessions, seminars, courses, self-defense programs and contests conducted by The Maryland Professional Karate Association, Inc./Yin-Chuan are supervised by qualified instructors and reasonable care is taken to prevent serious injuries and to minimize accidents. The strenuous nature of karate and combative activities is such that no one can positively assure the student, member, or instructor that injury will not result during even properly supervised sessions, instructional periods and contests.

                        No student is allowed to practice free-sparring until he/she has been approved by the instructor and is wearing the proper body safety equipment. See section covering kumite/free-sparring rules in this textbook. No student is allowed to practice or engage in any simulated combative activities in any dojo, studio or class unless there is a qualified instructor on the floor observing all such activities.


                        The first aid and any emergency medical care described in this manual is to be used as a guideline to educate the student/instructor that there are steps that are available to be taken in emergency situations when qualified medical assistance is unavailable at the time of injury. Since many injuries to the martial artists are minor (nosebleeds, minor cuts, etc.), reasonable care can be performed on the dojo floor to assist the injured. For the serious injuries or when in doubt, always seek the professional guidance of a qualified physician, hospital, or emergency care unit. For extreme emergencies, make the patient as comfortable and dial 911.


                        Before starting any diet or exercise program it is best to do so with the guidance of your physician, especially if you are overweight, have any health problems, or have not exercised over a period of time.
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                        Finally, there is much information presented to the martial artists, via written information or videos, concerning health, diets, exercise, emergency care, better lifestyles, self-defense, etc. Reading and watching this information can broaden one’s knowledge. However, the student/instructor must realize that all information must be treated as suggestions and must be further researched if necessary. In all cases, when in doubt, always seek the advice of the professionals in the field that you are studying to insure that you are taking the safest and best route possible. Leave nothing to chance, for the ultimate responsibility is yours.
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