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MPKA Dundalk is sponsoring Venture Crew 312. This program is for boys and girls ages 14 to 20. Our goal is to get more martial arts students into the scouting program, and also more scouts into the martial arts. We are in the process of creating a martial arts merit badge that will meet scouting standards, while also presenting workable basic self defense theories to our scouting community.

Good basic self defense is employed by simply avoiding or walking away from danger. We at MPKA always impress upon the student that it is wiser and safer to learn to control an aggressive attacker by using you wits and brain first. To out think and to out fox an aggressor takes skill far beyond using physical violence.
Physical confrontation is only employed after all other avenues of escape are attempted, and when there are no other options left for the defender to do.
One part of this new merit badge will be based upon a program that is known as STORM - Special Team of Role Models. To preview this go to our web site and log onto Awards Programs and then click on Storm Patch. Once this comes into view click onto Storm Patch again. Next click on, To print your 'Storm 'Task Sheet, click here and use your web browsers print function'.
From this information I believe that you will begin to understand the true philosophy behind a great martial arts program.
MPKA was founded upon the scouting philosophy.  The Founder and President of this organization received his Eagle Scout Award in 1952, then added the Bronze and Gold Palm in 1953. He has also earned 33 merit badges, and is a member of  The Order of the Arrow. As a member of Troop 356 he was part of a group of scouts who set a record for the most Eagle Scouts produced in one year. I believe that this record still stands today.
Our future goals, under the guidance of Scout Headquarters, and with their approval, is to move this new martial arts/scouting program into other qualified martial arts schools that meet the strict requirements of good scouting, and sensible martial arts.
Please log onto the scouting links to learn more of Venture Crews, and scouting in general.
Thank you.
Dr. David L. Grosscup
Eagle Scout
Grand Master

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