When Evil Strikes

A Commitment of Defense


When you are confronted by a physical attack, this picture is all that you should see.


Bones that will break!

Skin that will cut!

Blood that will spill!

There are no super human beings, no monsters, no humanoids. Every physical person comes from the earth only to return to the earth.

Let no one harm you, threaten or scare you.  Live life boldly. There is no fear. There are only bad people and bad situations.

A well trained, well adjusted martial artist should be able to handle both.

As I trod bravely into that dark night, I know that the light of day is just over the horizon. I am not afraid.  I will walk into the future with faith, courage and self-determination.

I am unique, I am special, I am a winner. Losing is not an option.

I am a full partner with MPKA. Together we will develop myself positively, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I love life and I will help my family, friends,  and fellow martial artists to love life also.

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