What The Maryland Professional Karate Association Can Do For You and Why You Should Join Us (MPKA)


            So, you are interested in taking karate or some type of martial arts lessons for you or your child, but you do not know what type to take, what are the benefits, and what are the qualifications of the instructor, also, exactly what services and training will I receive?


            Let’s begin by looking at the title of this article. Notice, we did not say “what karate or the martial arts can do for you”, instead we said “what can MPKA do for you.” We believe that there is a world of difference between what we teach and what others do. Are we arrogant, boastful? Maybe a little, but we are highly motivated and confident in our long, success record since 1967. Times are rapidly changing. People are not interested in how many degrees you have, or how many halls of fame you have been inducted into, or least of all, how many championships you have won. Those yellow page ads have long disappeared. What they really want to know is, “what can you do for me or my child today.” We are living in the “today” generation, and it is vital to tune into this fact. That is exactly what we are going to do, and that is to focus on what MPKA can do for you today, and also tomorrow.


            Our history, biographies, records, philosophy, etc., can be found on our web site www.MPKA.net.


            Before we start, we must set some ground rules.


  1. We are totally involved in developing the mind, body and spirit, and this takes time. Are you willing to spend lots of time with us – as in years?

  2. If you plan to use this as a short term event, as in playing soccer or taking dance lessons for a season, forget it. You are wasting our time and also yours. Many parents believe by taking their child from activity to activity will produce a well rounded child, and that they will have little time to get into trouble. In reality, statistics show that you are teaching your child to be a quitter. To succeed in life you have to stay the course, become good at something, and amass much knowledge from it.

  3. If you plan to drop your child off at classes and use us as a baby sitter, stay home. Our programs work because of parental involvement and dedication to the principals of MPKA.

  4. However, if you want to experience an exciting program, gain education, have fun, obtain growth and development, than by all means, join us. We promise you a great time in your life that will stay with you forever.


            MPKA has grown to be the largest martial arts organization in Maryland, that is home grown, and still growing. This happened because of talented teachers, a vibrant program, motivational incentives and family dedication. Our programs are built on honesty, fairness, equality and personal growth and development. We are very successful because we are people driven.


            Now, what can MPKA do for you?


  1. You give us your children, shy or over active, those being bullied in school, or who lack confidence, sits the bench on team sports, or who cannot even make the team. Give us the aggressive child, the over weight child, those who need discipline and manners in their life, maybe even needs a personality adjustment, give us the weak child, the loner, the uncoordinated, clumsy child, give us the whatever child, and given enough time, we will return to you a young man or women, who is disciplined, well adjusted, a role model and a leader. Our experience and our long record have proven this time after time. Oh yes, did we mention that we will throw into the mix excellent self-defense? We have had parents and even grandparents return to MPKA and thank us for being such a large part of their lives, and say “take my child and do for them what you have done for me.”

  2. We have the most dedicated, experienced, educated, loyal and motivated home grown instructors who will teach you and your child. Every one of our teachers began as a new white belt with MPKA, and after many long years of hard and difficult training have been certified to teach our programs. We do not hire instructors, nor use teachers from other organizations. We know how our instructors think, breathe, what they say, how they handle challenges, emergencies, how they relate to children, or the busy mother, or the forty year old over weight father, who are all part of our class structure. We want our instructors to be teachers, role models, coaches and counselors. Our teachers are infused with MPKA philosophy, values and knowledge. They are totally trustworthy, honest and dedicated people. Remember, they are not hires, they are sons and daughters of MPKA.

  3. With a lifetime of experience we are going to teach you self-defense that really works. In fact, we are going to do better than that, we are going to train you in five major martial arts, and all at the same time. No one individual art style works on the street all the time. However, a combination of styles will increase your chances of street survival by 95%.

  4. You do not have to spend big bucks or sign contracts to receive excellent martial arts instructions. If you do, what you are really paying for is their high overhead, large rental fees and instructor salaries and perks. At MPKA we own our main studio, and also work through health clubs, dance studios, community centers and recreation and parks buildings. You will be paying the lowest cost possible, while receiving top-notch instruction. We have gone out to the customer and are teaching in your area. Think before you sign that contract. What are you really paying for?

  5. We believe that girls and ladies are not the weaker sex, they are just women that need training to protect themselves against possible attack or abuse. Knowing vital striking areas, how to attack these areas, and having the guts to do it is all it takes.

  6. Gentlemen, you want to regain your youth once lost, increase your strength and stamina, or break some bad habits? We will help and guide you to do just that.

  7. Families, why go to the movies and watch martial arts action films when you can attend classes as a unit and become the action. We say, “The families that kicks together, sticks together.” If your children are involved in soccer or dance, you sit on the sidelines and cheer them on. In our programs you train together, learn together, have fun together, and cheer each other on. You can’t do this in sporting activities.

  8. We have an award program that is second to none. You can earn patches for class attendance, school honor roll, competition, hours put into training, and for tournament performances, etc.

  9. MPKA sponsors four tournaments a year and award big, beautiful trophies and decorative medals. MPKA competitors will also receive color certificates every time they compete. After your third tournament you receive a fighting patch to be sewn on your uniform. No body loses, everybody wins.

  10. When you join MPKA we try to place you in a program closes to your home. Of course, you may choose to attend any of our clubs, and you can attend as many of our clubs as you desire, at no extra cost.

  11. All uniforms, equipment and gear can be purchased from MPKA, as we carry a large inventory. We sell only the finest and safest equipment on the market. We guarantee what we sell, and will replace anything that you are not satisfied with.

  12. Soke (the founder and grandmaster) has written books that you can purchase, which cover all our training and philosophy. The red book covers white through blue belt. The blue book covers green through black belt. “Riding The Wind” is our philosophy and success book. Other books are being written continually.

  13. MPKA has one of the best web sites in the martial arts industry. You can check it daily as it is constantly being updated and added to. We also believe that we have the most innovative and educated web master anywhere, who seems to go nowhere without his lap top in hand. Also, the folks who take MPKA writings, notes and information, and prepare them for our books and web site, are highly computer literate, and are very dedicated to keeping us at the top of our game. They too are MPKA family.

  14. Students will earn their belt ranks. We are not a belt factory, as is the trend today. Our ranking system is white, advanced white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, red, green, three degrees of brown and ten degrees of black. Each belt level is written in an easy learning format and is taught to you the same way throughout all our MPKA clubs. Each student is promoted by his/her own abilities and time and effort put forth in training. You are in competition with no one but yourself. You determine your own progress. You are never put up to fail a test. You may be nervous and make a few mistakes, as we all do when taking any type of test, but you will be totally prepared and you will certainly know your material. Test time is simply show time. You are the one putting on the show, to the amazement of your family and friends, and to the delight of your fellow students. Failure is not the MPKA way.

  15. Our system is for everyone. You need no special skills, age is no factor, as stated, you progress at your own pace. This is the great equalizer among the sexes. All students, men, women and children are recognized by the color of their belt, and nothing else.

  16. Black belts have their own classes for training. They are required to attend these classes if they intend to climb the promotion ladder.

  17. MPKA will create in you and your child and teach you.

            A.        Self-confidence

            B.         Discipline

            C.        Respect

            D.        Self-control

            E.         Weight management

            F.         Improved school grades

            G.        Improved physical strength

            H.        Stress management

            I.          To control your anger

            J.          To create a self peaceful nature.

            K.        To learn to control your fears

            L.         It is a great character builder

            M.        Is not a team sport, you learn as an individual

            N.        To create role models

            O.        To produce young leaders

            P.        To produce a well-adjusted personality

            Q.        It is a highly social activity

            R.         To train the mind, body and spirit

            S.         It is an exercise that tones the body

            T.         It will also give you:

                        1.         balance

                        2.         coordination

                        3.         control

                        4.         power

                        5.         speed

                        6.         dexterity

                        7.         alertness

                        8.         concentration

                        9.         correct breathing

                        10.       stamina

                        11.       determination

                        12.       the desire to succeed

            U.        We will train you to be a gracious winner, and yes, at times, a gracious loser.

            V.        Training with MPKA is safer than playing football, basketball, or soccer, as our rules are strict and our safety valves are enforced.

            W.       You will meet and make new friends.

            X.        It is a fun and exciting way of life.

            Y.        You will be doing something for yourself that you always wanted to do.

            Z.         And oh yes, have we mentioned that you will learn great self-defense?

  1. MPKA and the combination style that we teach, Yin Chuan, is a science, and we teach it that way. We do not dwell on the mysterious, nor do we teach myths or legends.

  2. We teach health, healing and correct exercises.

  3. You and your family will be involved in our many parties, events and other activities.

  4. Finally, you will notice that we are not a collection of separate schools and clubs, instead, we work as a family unit, hold executive board meetings to discuss and upgrade MPKA policy, we have representatives that meet monthly with recreation council officers, and we continually have a higher educational program that keeps all our instructors and teachers on the leading edge of our industry. What really makes our program work is parent involvement, parent committees, parent fundraisers, and parent input. We are very proud of this. Get involved.


Footnote:        Not all black belts from all styles are created equal. MPKA instructors are mature black belts, not some two year wonder. We take this rank seriously. You cannot buy this rank, instead, you have to earn it. By reading our manuals and visiting our website, you will soon discover why we do not have eight year old black belts running all over the place. Black belt is something that should be earned by difficult training, time, experience and maturity. It should not be given away as it is being done today, with all these paper tigers meowing in the wind.




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