Everyone needs a success kit to achieve their personal goals, whether it be to gain control of their lives, break bad habits, to create a new, constructive life pattern, or to live a more healthy life, to lose weight, to become physically fit, for self-motivation to attempt new things, to add excitement to their lives, or just to live a fuller and interesting life.


            It has been said that martial arts are better for you than taking vitamins. Look at any health magazine that sells vitamins and you will notice each vitamin is designed for a particular part of your body. Tons of pills and lots of money. Do they really work?


            On the flip side, martial arts tones and energizes the entire body, lifts the spirit and sharpens the brain. Martial arts works and is good for you. Take one dose two times a week to keep or regain your youth.


            This is part of your success kit. Good is the enemy of excellence. Why be satisfied at being good at something, when with motivated training you can be excellent. Would you choose to be an amateur or a professional?


            Master the basics first of any field of study, and all else will fall into place. We tell our instructors that “It’s the basics that makes the teaching staff shine, the numbers climb, the students flock, and the classes rock.”


            Let MPKA be your success kit. It is very difficult to do these things alone. Soon your resolutions will fade into distant memory. With the assistance and guidance of MPKA, we will guide and help you in accomplishing your goals, and more importantly, to make them a part of your normal life style.


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Look at life from this viewpoint. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.


Martial arts, as you may envision it, has changed. We have arisen from the bare-knuckles “Blood and Guts” era, to the safety conscious, kid friendly, family oriented karate practiced today.


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