Maintaining A Healthy Martial Arts Organization

††††††††††† Many martial arts organizations are created by excellent martial artists who base the success of their operations on basic concepts, such as teaching in a facility that is good looking, clean and well equipped. Having fun and an educational curriculum will certainly bring in customers. A prime location is central to attract walk-ins. Great advertising certainly gets the program noticed. Even with all this in their corner, many schools and programs still shut down. Evidently, something more needs to be added to insure success. So what is this missing ingredient?


††††††††††† I believe it starts with a great staff of workers and teachers who are honest, hard working and who have the best interest of the organization at heart. It all starts with energetic owners, and flows down through the instructors, assistant instructors, volunteers, office personnel, to the students and parents. It is a team effort where everyone must support each other. Team building requires constant effort that demands lots of motivation on each memberís part. Professionals feed off of each other, and this can be a positive feed or a negative feed. The following are some guidelines to help your organization be strong and productive.


1.††††††††††† EXPECT THE BEST.


††††††††††† There will be times when things go wrong and the best does not happen. If each team member is trustworthy, then the problem occurs because of external influences. Find out what happened, correct it, learn from it and move on. This will always raise the ante, and team members will learn that growth can be born out of adversity. Truth and honor can solve any problem. Learn to trust the entire team.


2.†††††††† HAVE NO SECRETS.

††††††††††† If problems arise among team members, then it should be solved among team members. Everyone puts his cards on the table and shows an open hand. Understanding will come and problems solved when so-so secrets are revealed. What was once thought to be a big deal usually ends up as being petty.


3.††††††††††† RUMOR CONTROL.


††††††††††† Rumors can destroy an organization, or at the very least, cause serious damage among team members. Rumors are ugly and cheap and nine times out of ten are false or overblown. Learn to say positive and motivational things. Get about your business of being a constructive team member.




††††††††††† Just having a good program or a good team is not enough to excel. Each team member must constantly step up his/her effort planning, educating, training and intensity of his/her program. Itís nice to be good but, itís terrific to be excellent.




††††††††††† If you want more success, give more value. Remember where your roots are. As long as each person in the chain of command strives to do his best, then you can feel a personal satisfaction that the entire team is on the same page and that every member believes in each other.




††††††††††† Speak your mind with tact and dignity. Learn to solve challenges without anger. Speak up for what you really believe and present it with positive conviction.



††††††††††† Write down your thoughts and ideas. Look at all sides and judge what is good and what should be eliminated. By reviewing your notes daily, you will begin to create new and better methods that will make your organization grow.



††††††††††† There is a time to wear the Gi. This is when you teach, work out, demonstrate, compete, etc. Display your martial arts talents at the proper place and time. There is a time to wear the business suit. Many organizations fail or present a weak program because an excellent martial artist is a terrible business person. This can be corrected by taking business courses, studying martial arts trade journals, practicing to be a dynamic public speaker, learning to manage time and money, keeping good records, attending seminars and joining groups like your local chamber of commerce. Put as much time in your business training as you do your martial arts training.




††††††††††† The entire team must become involved in community activities, places of worship, meetings, social events, fund raising projects, and any other activity where the organizational name can be presented to the public.


10.†††††† TEAM EFFORT.


††††††††††† No one person has all the answers or can solve all the problems. It takes the entire team to create plans of action and put them in service. The final success of the program rests upon the entire team.


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