Exercise Using The Martial Arts Way


            The safest and most healthful way to control your weight is to exercise. Now there are literally hundreds of books, and videos on the market telling us that walking, swimming, bicycling, etc., are great exercises. There are yoga books and information on stretching routines, and all manner of physical exercise material. Most of these products are good sources. Television ads are filled with various exercise machines that almost do the work for us. There seems to be a health club or two in every town. However, as martial artists we have several options and advantages that the average person does not have.


1.         Most of you reading this book are already in the arts for the long haul. Warm ups, exercise, stretching, breathing correctly, and cool downs are part of your lifestyle.


2.         Kata is an excellent workout. First perform your favorite form or kata in very slow motion, as in Tai Chi, while breathing deeply. Next, perform your kata with ultimate speed and power. (Don’t sacrifice form and power for speed). Now perform several katas back to back, employing both slow and fast methods. Wear tennis shoes instead of bare feet. These methods will increase flexibility and bring your heart rate up. You need no special equipment, you don’t have to spend any extra money, and you can practice almost anywhere.


3.         Practice your basic punches, kicks, blocks and stances in the same manner as above. This will improve your memory, and enhance your power and form.


4.         Physical martial arts activity help keeps your weight in balance by burning calories and revving up your metabolism. You continue to burn off extra calories even up to several hours after your training routine ceases for the day.


5.         A pound of muscles takes up about ¾ the space of a pound of fat, which is not as dense. That’s why strength training - lifting weights or working out on weight machines can help you drop a clothing size or two, even if your weight remains the same. These exercises help you lose bulky fat as you gain “tightly woven” muscle tissue.


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