Exercise As Medicine


            Small life changes – a ten minute walk in the morning, fifteen minutes of yard work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a little further from the store, can all add up to make a huge difference in your health.


1.         Ten minutes of exercise three times a day has a very positive health benefit on your entire body system.


2.         Men who are active are 30% to 50% less likely to develop ulcers. Exercise reduces acid secretion in the stomach, improves immune function, and relieves anxiety.


3.         Physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease while lowering high blood pressure, which is a stroke risk factor. Moderate intensity activity such as walking for 30 minutes daily may help.


4.         Exercising one hour before eating boost production of enzymes that rapidly clear triglycerides from the blood.


5.         Walking boost brain power by increasing oxygen flow to the brain.


6.         Exercise builds air breathing capacity to help prevent, control and manage breathing problems. Walking and swimming is recommended.


7.         You won’t build your bones unless you exercise. Walking, dancing and weightlifting will help. The force of muscle pulling against bone stimulates bone building. The higher the impact; the greater the bone strengthening.


8.         The best calorie burner to control obesity is aerobic exercise, like walking, running, bicycling, kata and kumite. Creating a calorie loss solely through diet can be a health hazard. About half the weight loss, on low calorie diets, is from muscle and bone.


9.         One of the most effective strategies for improving cholesterol is exercise, if done five days a week for thirty minutes each time.


10.       Walking and aerobic exercise help prevent and manage diabetes because they help your body control blood glucose.


11.       Moderate activity can help your immune system fight a head cold.


12.       Walking is good for cancer patients because it improves lung function and stimulates bone and muscle growth.


13.       Exercise can prevent the progression of some types of arthritis. Stationary bicycling, swimming and weight training are beneficial.


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