Drugs   And   Alcohol   Abuse


Signs   To   Look   For




I.          Experimentation - Learns Drugs      Create  Feelings


            Stems From:                                                               

            1.         Curiosity

            2.         Peer pressure                         

            3.         Need to act grown up – defy parents

            4.         Society romanticizes

            5.         Low  tolerance


II.         Misuse - Seeking The Mood Swing


            Stems From:                                             

            1.         Increased tolerance                                     

            2.         Feeling “everyone does it”

            3.         Pride in the amount consumed

            4.         Looking for excuses for getting high

            5.         Lack of fear of trying more and harder drugs


III.       Preoccupation - Abuse                               


            Stems From:

            1.         Using chemicals to get loaded - not just high                                            

            2.         Activities revolve around chemicals and their use

            3.         Use of harder drugs and solitary use - lies about supply and hides from friends


 IV.      Dependency - Psychological


            Stems From:

            1.         Using chemicals daily

            2.         Using chemicals to feel normal

            3.         Loss of control

            4.         Paranoia develops










1.         May find alcohol missing

2.         Alcohol on breath

3.         Bloodshot eyes

4.         Lack of coordination

5.         Questions about drugs/alcohol

6.         Poor communication



1.         Mistrust in family - lying and stealing money

2.         Overly sensitive to criticism

3.         Hostile, defensive attitude

4.         Mood changes

5.         Denial of problem

6.         School work deteriorates - drops sports activity

7.         May have legal problems

8.         May drop “straight” friends - hides new friends from you


1.         Solitary, isolated

2.         Uses chemicals before and during school (may get caught)

3.         Promises he/she will cut down and may make attempt

4.         Extreme emotions of guilt, shame, depression and anxiety

5.         Overdoses, “bad trips,” blackouts

6.         Unmotivated for school, job, etc.

7.         Blames others, minimizes use

8.         Auto accidents

9.         Trouble with school, juvenile authorities

10.       Physical condition is poor


1.         Paranoia

2.         Memory loss

3.         Extreme poor judgment  

4.         Extreme volatile moods

5.         Extreme poor self-image

6.         Increased chemical dealing

7.         Suicide gestures, self-hate

8.         Extreme physical deterioration, (poor eating and sleeping habits)

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