The Yin-Chuan School is not responsible for any lost time of classes nor for any injuries that may occur because of foolishness or inattention in class. All safety precautions must and will be observed.

1.    Be on time.
2.    No profanity.
3.    No smoking or chewing gum.
4.    Remove shoes.
5.    Clean uniforms.
6.    No destructive criticism or jealousy.
7.    No disrespect.
8.    No misuse of knowledge
9.    No rings, jewelry, or ornaments.
10.  Look after lower ranks.
11.  Kneel while fixing gi or belt.
12.  Report all fights you are in.
13.  Pay attention in class.
14.  No clowning.
15.  No unnecessary talking.
16.  Control your temper at all times.
17.  Take care of building, property and equipment.


1.   Entering class.
2.   Leaving class.
3.   To partner, beginning session.
4.   To partner, end of session.
5.   To higher ranks when receiving help.
6.   To black belt when called forth.


Giving demonstrations, teaching privately, etc. without the permission of the governing body of The Yin-Chuan School: unnecessary fighting or bullying, will result in dismissal from the school and loss of rank.



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