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Registration Process and Forms

Dear Parent / Student

              It is important to us that you or your child receive the highest quality of training, superior motivation, are taught to live a more healthy life, learn to discipline themselves, and do all this in a safe, fun, friendly environment. You, or your child are the most important person in the world, there will never be another like you. In the martial arts we are able to do certain things that the public school system does not. We can give physical discipline when needed, we can teach a philosophy of self confidence that is unique and special, we can teach physical movements and technique that combine the very old of the Orient with the very new of the Western Civilization. To do this proficiently, and since we must instruct the student to defend against an attack that may save their life, there is physical contact between the instructor and student, and between student and student. Also, because we exercise, learn falls and throws, etc., there is danger of injury. Some students may have physical limitations and cannot perform everything that the program offers.

              All Instructors are trained from White Belt to Black Belt by the Maryland Professional Karate Association, Inc. (M.P.K.A) It takes four to five years to accomplish this status. Background checks are done on all Instructors. They must meet high moral standards. We do not hire outside contractors. One of our goals is to protect the student and Instructors at all times and to do what is morally and legally correct.

              The following forms to be read and signed by the student or parent is designed for the protection of both student and instructor. To be professionals we must act as professionals. Please fill out the following forms, sign and initial where requested and return to your instructor. Thank you for your understanding and involvement with the M.P.K.A. We will do everything in our power to ensure a safe, fair and friendly environment for you or your child. Remember, your well being is our first concern and "children are our most valuable asset, more precious than diamonds, more valuable than gold".


Professor David L. Grosscup
President M.P.K.A.

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