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History of MPKA

        Kenpo Karate entered the state of Maryland through the affiliation of the Late Master Edmund Parker with David D. Rix, a Black Belt in Judo and Chin-Na. (A letter confirming this was dated May 18, 1965). Dr. Rix and his highest-ranking Black Belt, Hans Charles Kliemisch, trained personally under the watchful eyes of Mr. Parker. Dr. Rix is the founder of the "Defenders Club". In 1950, he joined the Chinese "Chin-Na Federation" and in 1967 was elected President and Director of the same. Dr. Rix is currently a 10th degree Black Belt.

        Grandmaster Kliemisch received his Black Belt in Chin-Na from Dr. Rix in 1966, and his Black Belt in Kenpo from Mr. Parker in 1968. "Mr. K", as he is widely known, is the owner of the "Karate Self-Defense" studios. He presently holds the rank of 10th degree Black Belt.

        Dr. David L. Grosscup joined the Defenders Club and the Chin-Na Federation on September 17, 1967. He also became a member of Mr. Parker's International Kenpo Karate Association in that same year. Dr. Grosscup received his Black Belt in Chin-Na from Dr. Rix on May 7, 1971, and then received his Black Belt in Kenpo Karate from Grandmasters Parker and Kliemisch on May 12, 1972. On June 28, 1973, Dr. David Grosscup received his Second Degree Black Belt in the Korean style of Mu Du Kwon under 10th Degree Grandmaster Francisco Esteban Conde, Sr., and thus became a member of the "Oriental Defensive Arts Association". Dr. Grosscup began his first studio in 1971 in Baltimore City. Incorporated in 1973 as "Yin-Chuan Karate, Inc." , which is a combination of the Arts of Chin-Na, Kenpo, Ju-Jitsu, Judo and Mu Du Kwon. As the program grew and expanded, Dr. Grosscup's students began teaching at community centers, health clubs, recreation centers, and commercial studios. In 1984, this growing organization was incorporated under the name of "Maryland Professional Karate Association, Inc.".(MPKA)

        On May 28, 1994, Dr. Grosscup was promoted to 8th Degree Black Belt with the honored title of "Professor" by his first instructor, Dr. David Rix.

        And on March 27, 1999, Dr. Grosscup was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, under certificate number 0089.

        Promoted to Judan, 10th Dan Black Belt on October 14, 2001 by Dr. David D. Rix

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