ďI Am a Martial ArtistĒ

I am a martial artist
I see through different eyes
I see a bigger picture
When others see gray skies.
Though many canít conceive it,
I stand.. Facing the wind.
My bravery, not from fighting,
but from my strength within.
I am a Martial Artist.
Iíll walk the extra mile,
Not because I have too,
but because itís worth my while.
I know that I am different,
When I stand on a crowded street.
I know the fullness of winning,
Iíve tasted the cup of defeat.
I am a martial artist.
They say I walk with ease.
Though trained for bodily harm,
my intentions are for peace.
The world may come and go,
But a different path Iíll choose.
A path I will not stray from,
no matter win or lose.

- Master Karen Herdman
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